Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be - a motivational tidbit

Be proud of the things you have accomplished today

Be wise enough to know this is only a foundation for greater things

Be satisfied with your effort even when the end is not met

Be ready to work harder than you are now

Be open to failure, sip the setbacks in in slowly and build your new approach

Be able to express happiness fully, let smiles grow large and ridiculous

Be unafraid to fester in anger when it hits, roll within it, then move on.

Be the image of the confidence and poise of someone more graceful than you

Be strong enough to challenge your own routine

Be thinking about the future but live in the present

Be aware that the smallest joys you can give to another make the greatest impact

Be you, be confident in you, be excited for your potential and the future you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

bluegrass and love

listen, just listen.

listen to your world. listen to a simple, plucked guitar.

listen to the quiet, find the filler in your day - things you block out or ignore

discover the beauty you overlook, the day-to-day blocks it out

look at the person you love, show him feeling. show him, soak in his smile

don't waste your passion in the useless places

listen, when your heart pulls out towards music and light

let the world be simpler than you know

let it free

Friday, October 14, 2011

Becoming a Grown-Up

grown -up Haikus

I eat healthy foods
Clean my home and limit booze
Prepare, teach Haikus

What if I sleep more
Delay the work, skirt the chores
Disappoint them all

Push for love, wield it
Clear my mind with treadmill run
Smile and mean it. Glow.

Show the care I preach
Give full effort, don't allow
The Lazy to cheat

Work till the pain reigns
Feel the burning, soak it in
I'll know - to begin